The New Era of Cannabis Provisioning: Our Story

Our story speaks of a mission-driven operation, an enterprise that started small but envisioned a tall horizon. More than a business, New Standard represents a journey. A journey of hurdles converted into successful leaps, a journey of mere ideas transformed into a working reality.

Our Cannabis Provisioning Centers represent the epitome of our success. These centers, scattered across various locales, aim to offer a unique experience. Filled with an array of premium products, empathetic personnel, and a welcoming environment, they are the birth child of our unwavering will and unstoppable ambition.

In our centers, quality and safety are paramount. We believe in providing not just a product, but an experience – an experience that recalibrates the standard for cannabis provisioning.

As New Standard, we tirelessly work towards our mission, wading across the tide of uncertainty and regulatory complexities. We take pride in what we do, and we do it with a commitment that signifies our moral and ethical backbone.

We invite you along on our journey, to share in our success and to witness the evolution of an industry. In the game of uplifting the cannabis industry, we have set new standards. And rest assured, we will continue to aim higher.