Guide to Fun Activities Around Pecos Valley Production Locations

Pecos Valley Production offers a range of medical and recreational cannabis products in locations scattered across New Mexico, including Albuquerque, Roswell, Clovis, Alamogordo, Hobbs, and Las Cruces. After you’ve visited our dispensaries, the regions around these cities offer a wide array of unique and fun activities.

Albuquerque: Balloon Fiesta and Old Town

If you’re in the Albuquerque region, the International Balloon Fiesta is a must-visit. This is one of the world’s largest hot air balloon festivals. Explore the awe-inspiring landscape of New Mexico from above or watch hundreds of balloons fill the sky while standing on firm ground. Learn more about the Balloon Fiesta here.

Don’t miss out on the historic Old Town Albuquerque, rich in heritage and culture, offering locals and tourists a unique shopping and dining experience.

Roswell: The Alien City

Roswell, known worldwide for its connection with extraterrestrial theories, is nothing short of fascinating. Visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center and explore everything about the infamous 1947 incident. You can also soak up some local history and culture at the Roswell Museum and Art Center.

Clovis: Music and Outdoor Adventures

Clovis is famous for the Norman Petty Studios where Buddy Holly recorded his hits. It’s also a gateway to outdoor adventures – enjoy fishing at Oasis State Park or sightseers can take a walk-in Ned Houk Memorial Park.

The regions around our Pecos Valley Production facilities have so much to offer. After visiting your local cannabis dispensary, plan some time to explore and enjoy the culture and natural beauty surrounding you in New Mexico.