Getting a Weed Whiff at our North Beach and Sunset District Dispensaries

Ever found yourself strolling through the gorgeous Sunset District or cosmopolitan North Beach of San Francisco, wondering where your next marijuana stop would be? Well, grab your clam chowder bowl, leave your heart in San Francisco and head straight to Pipeline Dispensaries! Your one-stop-shop for all things cannabis.

Feels Like Home, but with a Lot More Green!

Our Pipeline dispensaries are like that old favourite club of yours – cozy, welcoming, easy to get to, but instead of a stale beer, you get a whiff of the most exotic marijuana varieties. Whether you’re an old soul who enjoys a joint at the beach, or a modern vaper tackling the slopes, we have got you covered. Oh, and did we say, we are just around the corner? Yes, our shops in North Beach and Sunset District await you with open (and not to mention, fragrant) arms. Come, experience the magic that happens when the beautiful Bay meets the Blazing Green!