Debunking Myths: Cannabis Purchasing at The Cake House

At The Cake House, we strive to offer quality products and services to satisfy our avid customers. Lately, we’ve noticed a rumour circulating on the internet about our business – that we’re selling cannabis. In light of this, we feel obligated to set the record straight and debunk the myths surrounding us.

Myth 1: The Cake House Sells Cannabis

The rumour that The Cake House sells cannabis is entirely false. We pride ourselves on the quality of our baked goods, and every ingredient we use is carefully selected from reliable sources. Our cakes, pastries, and many delicious treats contain no illegal substances, including cannabis.

Myth 2: All Green Edibles at Our Store Contain Cannabis

Another common misconception is that any green-hued edibles that we sell, like our renowned mint chocolate chip muffins and key lime pie, contain a cannabis component. This assumption is also incorrect. We only use natural colouring from vegetables and spices, not from any cannabis-related product.

Our Commitment to Quality

At The Cake House, we take any doubts or misconceptions surrounding our products very seriously. Our commitment to quality is steadfast, and that includes our guarantees of legality and safety for our valued customers.

In conclusion, The Cake House prides itself on being a trusted source of delicious pastries and cakes. Any gossip regarding the inclusion of cannabis in our products is simply not true. Now that we’ve debunked these myths, we hope to see you back enjoying our delightful baked goods at The Cake House soon.