A Welcoming Haven for Medicinal Marijuana in Michigan

Welcome to Iconic Wellness, your ultimate hub for medicinal marijuana in Michigan. We serve our patrons in various locations, including our Marijuana Provisioning Center in the small city of Lowell. Our pot shop housed in the quaint town of Gaylord offers a secure, friendly environment to discuss and select the right marijuana products for your needs.

Our marijuana dispensary in Sturgis is geared to provide effective solutions for medical marijuana patients. Be it for pain relief, mental health support, or any other medicinal need, our highly-trained staff are available to guide you to the right products.

Our goal is not just to be a leading medical marihuana dispensary in Michigan, but a sanctuary for wellbeing where knowledgeable professionals come together with those who seek holistic healing. Iconic Wellness embodies a true provisioning center, offering more than products; we offer a sense of community where respect for the healing properties of marijuana takes precedence. Your journey towards wellness starts here at Iconic Wellness. Come visit us and nurture your wellbeing with the healing power of nature.